Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moroccan Tent show

Last night I performed at what I was told was a "tent party" for a client on a "tight budget".

...It turned out to be the most opulent engagement party I've ever seen. The tent was on the front lawn, draped with fabrics and filled with candles and moroccan lanterns. There was a fabulous Arabic band who I wish I could've stayed and listened to. The drummer played with my CD which was great. I changed into my costume in the house which was an incredible mansion which reminded me of "Beauty and the Beast" for some reason.

Yeah, like that.

The clientele was Arabic and Afghan so I wore a veil wrapped like a sari under my bra and around my torso. I was able to use the "pallu" (loose end that hangs over the shoulder) like a veil, so it worked out nicely. Here are a couple pics that my wonderful boyfriend/amazing gig assistant took with his iphone.

Here I am with hand candles, the video boom above me:

And with the sword, which turned out to be the hit of the evening:

So it turned out to be a great evening. This is a great reminder that no matter how "tight" your client's budget apparently is, you should stick to your guns and charge what you're worth. After all if they're hiring entertainment they either can afford it or they can't. I doubt the caterer, band, security, and decorators are giving them a discount!

Happy dancing,
Laura xoxox

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Meaghan said...

wooooowww!!! what a beautiful event setting! thanks for sharing the photo and the wisdom - sticking to your guns (or your swords:) always pays off in the end. nice work Laura!