Monday, October 4, 2010

Dancing With The Girls

I've had so much fun doing duet and trio shows this summer. A gig is always more fun when you're going with a friend. It feels safer of course, travel is less mind-numbingly boring, and any difficult or ridiculous situation is always hilarious, rather than making you upset or annoyed.

For example, here are Samara and I turning what could be an intimidating venue into a movie set.

Context: We are asked to change in a bathroom and I am getting the most out of the situation. Samara is standing on the edge of the bathtub taking my photo. No one got hurt. True story.

In a group, any problem is creatively solved. In this photo, Saba improvises her costume (as I cleverly forgot to pack her costume change, a matching red outfit). She becomes the gypsy-esque star and Yzza and I are her back-up dancers. Crisis averted!

Waiting time "backstage" becomes much more productive.

In other crazy stories, nothing went wrong at this show with Maryfer! I am not making this stuff up folks.

Oh, and no we're not changing in a public washroom (bellydance purgatory), but were actually given an entire "spare" ballroom including a staff washroom. That's how you do it.

And here I am NOT lighting anything on fire with my Shamadan. SUCCESS!!

And finally, walking through a giant complex of banquet halls from the changeroom to your show is about 300% more entertaining.

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mahabellydance said...

Awwww, belly friends rule!