Sunday, May 30, 2010

Incredible Headpieces

I am obsessed with headpieces right now...I'm looking at creating one for the upcoming Serpentine Circus show using braids, wire, feathers, silver chain, coins...ok I haven't really decided yet, but I do have a big stash of creepy fake hair waiting for me in my living room. My outfit is brand new, a top I made for an Inversion show, with amazing ruffled pants from Maral and a bunch of amazing silver goodies from my stash. And it's WHITE! I never, ever wear white so this should be interesting. Maybe I won't even spill anything on it by June! It could happen!

Moving on, here are some of my most exciting finds for inspiration from the world of the internets.

Butler and Wilson


Another angle of the Gaultier piece

Nicole Richie


McQueen, I'm kind of obsessed with antlers too...I'm gonna do it! Try and stop me!

Unknown designer

Lucian Matis

Chanel Moscow

??? !!!

Peacock Blue...the initial inspiration for all this

Styling by Nadia Lev

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Haysa, Arabesque's latest drum solo from our show OUM is up on YouTUbe in all it's glory!! woo!