Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Jobs

I am thrilled to say that I've been hired by two great clinics. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive 6 job offers out of 8 interviews (one of which I had to turn down before they even had the chance to offer)! It certainly boosts my ego and feels great! In truth however, making the choice was extremely difficult. One clinic that I turned down really felt like home and I just loved the owner. However it was just a bit too far away for my liking and I wasn't sure that they would be able to give me enough clients right away.

I'm very happy with my final choices.

The first, which I'll be working 3 days a week in, is a clinic inside a gorgeous condo building just off Spadina. Fantastic young, inspired owner who seems to have great business sense and is really flexible. There is a pool, hot tub and gym for the tenants to use (me too!) and it's just a streetcar ride away. Also because it's right inside the condo there is a built in clientele.

The second is a fantastic new wellness studio just up the street on Spadina. (I don't think there should be a conflict of interest as the first place mostly draws from the condo tenants) I really love the space, the owner is another easy-going, smart, enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants to have me as the official on-site massage therapist. I'm starting there just one day a week as the clientele builds. I will be the first therapist there so I get a say in how my practice will work and can help start up the business which I think is great experience for me.

I start in about two weeks, as soon as I get my registration! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Massage spaces

So all this week I've been running all over the city to job interviews to start my career as a massage therapist. I think I've been to every possible kind of workplace for an RMT. A private gym/wellness center, a slick interdisciplinary clinic, a beautiful spa, a home-y chiropractic center, a giant film studio, a clinic in a condo building, and next week I'm off to a yoga studio and a sports rehab clinic. I have to say they were all pretty great.

The treatment rooms themselves were just as varied. Most were quite small and went from warm soothing spa atmosphere to slick and medical looking. My favorite space was spacious and bright with a skylight and plants. I find that as RMT's we're trained to think beyond the relaxation element -emphasis is put on the clinical aspect of the profession- working in rehab, disease management, injury prevention and such. However relaxation is a huge part of healing and shouldn't be downplayed. I love the idea of having a clinical practice in a spa atmosphere.

So just for fun, here is an extensive collection of my fantasy treatment rooms, gathered from the internet. Sigh...someday!

New Costume

My new costume!

I finally let go of my amazing blue Hoda Zaki Costume, as it was too big in the hips and I'd worn it everywhere. I swapped it for this incredible "naked dress" from Shems on the Bhuz swap meet. It was a little too big all over so it required major surgery. I hemmed it, took in the bodysuit waist and bra straps, almost completely took off the skirt and re-stitched it lower and with a nicer curve, stitched down a couple loose stones, took off some beaded strands I didn't like, and added some new rhinestone swirls over the slit and over the low back. (The back had no rhinestones when I got it). I thought it would be perfect for Shamadan at Myth, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

My old costume looks fantastic on Shems so this was a very successful trade. I love Bhuz!

Halloween update

Thought I'd post my final costume decision after my previous post! I had a blast with the Arabesque ladies at Myth, and with my man at a house party the next night. :)

With Suleiman

With my girls

I begged him to dress up like a carny, and it looked amazing!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Senior Showgirls!

Belinda Ferguson posted this link on facebook and I love it! So great to see seniors continuing to have fun and show off their talents and vitality. I really want to go see this!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gypsy Caravans

I have always been obsessed with Gypsy Caravans (Vardos), and I've been stalking them all over the web lately.

As I mentioned in my last post I've been watching HBO's Carnivale and the caravans they live in are gorrrgeous, i especially love the girls' caravans with elaborate vanity mirrors with feathers and sequins and silk strewn all over them. <3

I'd love to actually have a hand in making one, and have tried to convince my father numerous times to head up the project. He's an incredible craftsman...his projects have included our barn, furniture, woven baskets, knives, canoes, didgeridoo's, stone work and a lot more. He doesn't seem to interested in the excessive cabinetry that would go into it though. Sigh. I'll keep working on him though.

Here are the sites I've found the most informative or inspirational.

I've been collecting photos for ages so thought I'd share a couple.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween costume ideas

I love Halloween!

Monique and I are dying to be Orion Slave Girls (from Star Trek...thats right) but are going to wait until we can do that together someday.

So this year I am going as a circus ringmaster, and my wonderful box'o'costumes has provided me with almost the entire outfit...just need a top hat and a whip. (that's key) I've been watching HBO's Carnivale online every night...I'm obsessed. I've always wanted to live in a gypsy caravan with a tribe of perfomers! Wouldn't recommend watching that show before bed though, it's intense.

Here are some of my inspiration pics:

Here are a couple more that I love...saving for the future!

Heidi Klum always has the most amazing costumes:

Amazon Woman?

I love Xerxes and the 300 harem girls...

Of course, gypsy fortune teller:

In between

I am finally nearing the end of my massage training and registration process! I've graduated from Sutherland-Chan and am now studying for provincial exams which I'm performing on Tuesday (ack!) and my written exams are a week after that.

I have to admit that it is incredibly hard to concentrate as I'm so close! Also it's been very difficult and frustrating for me to put dance on the back burner while I pursue my massage career...I just want to dance now that school is finished!

The reason I decided to follow massage was that I don't want to put all the pressure on my dance career to support me full time. I'd like to be choosy with what gigs I take, how many classes I teach, etc. I don't want to wear my mind and body out and lose my love for it.

Massage is a great match as it has given me a huge body of knowledge in regards to the body...recognizing dysfunction and having the tools to help. It will be a great supplement to my teaching! Also I wanted some brain-work, to develop a strong knowledge base and be able to help people. I believe that we are very disconnected and touch-starved in our modern culture, and massage is a safe and healthy way to address that. :)

Meanwhile I'm also studying Arabesque choreography for the upcoming show in February, visiting with my sister, helping a friend with some promotional work for her new studio, doing gigs, teaching a bit and preparing for my favorite holiday, Halloween! Wish me luck....

Thursday, October 15, 2009