Sunday, October 25, 2009

In between

I am finally nearing the end of my massage training and registration process! I've graduated from Sutherland-Chan and am now studying for provincial exams which I'm performing on Tuesday (ack!) and my written exams are a week after that.

I have to admit that it is incredibly hard to concentrate as I'm so close! Also it's been very difficult and frustrating for me to put dance on the back burner while I pursue my massage career...I just want to dance now that school is finished!

The reason I decided to follow massage was that I don't want to put all the pressure on my dance career to support me full time. I'd like to be choosy with what gigs I take, how many classes I teach, etc. I don't want to wear my mind and body out and lose my love for it.

Massage is a great match as it has given me a huge body of knowledge in regards to the body...recognizing dysfunction and having the tools to help. It will be a great supplement to my teaching! Also I wanted some brain-work, to develop a strong knowledge base and be able to help people. I believe that we are very disconnected and touch-starved in our modern culture, and massage is a safe and healthy way to address that. :)

Meanwhile I'm also studying Arabesque choreography for the upcoming show in February, visiting with my sister, helping a friend with some promotional work for her new studio, doing gigs, teaching a bit and preparing for my favorite holiday, Halloween! Wish me luck....

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