Friday, October 21, 2011

Update: Life with the new studio

Oh, hi there blog world! It's been a while.

I've been a little busy. As of now, I am responsible for updating my website, our studio website, my massage site, our studio facebook page, twitter, and this blog. I also have 4 email accounts and a real life mailbox. But that one is always empty except for bills. (Where ARE you new Beats Antique album??)

Anyway, I'm not complaining because I not-so-secretly love HTML and facebook and spending an hour trying to figure out why the tiny photo of Monique won't line up with the others. Ok not so much the last part.

So what else is new? The studio is humming along, some classes have sold out and others are still very small- mostly a happy medium. We love having a beautiful space to call our own. It's so great to be able to do things like serve tea from our favorite tea shop (World Tea House), and have a wall especially for practicing handstands. I also love being able to have classes that I personally think are awesome. Right now I'm taking Circus Fit with Caitlan, Acroflex with Monique, and Ashtanga Yoga with Erica and am essentially getting my butt kicked. All 3 classes are very challenging but a lot of fun.

I think my arms are getting more toned already and I'm getting stronger. Also, I did my best handstand ever the other day and it was very exciting! Handstands are by far my favorite circus trick, probably because your progress is so obvious. Other than that it would have to be splits...I would like them a lot better if I could actually do them. Must practice.

I'm also taking Flamenco with the amazing Maria Osende. I wish I were taking classes with her more often so my progress wasn't so slow. The rhythm and footwork is SO different from bellydance that it is taking me a while to wrap my head around it. The arms and posture come much easier to me.

And speaking of practice, it's definitely easier to do when you have your very own space. I love dancing in our studio, it's inspiring. I find that great music really is the key to get me off my butt and pushing myself. This week it was Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram. It's a sad song, and has that strong Arabic emotion that I love so much. Here's the video. Although it's a different language, I think the feeling comes through.

Can't wait for the student showcase coming up Nov 19th...I may perform this song but haven't decided yet. Looking forward to seeing all of our amazing students perform at this event, it will be a great feeling to see it all come together. :)