Sunday, November 15, 2009

Massage spaces

So all this week I've been running all over the city to job interviews to start my career as a massage therapist. I think I've been to every possible kind of workplace for an RMT. A private gym/wellness center, a slick interdisciplinary clinic, a beautiful spa, a home-y chiropractic center, a giant film studio, a clinic in a condo building, and next week I'm off to a yoga studio and a sports rehab clinic. I have to say they were all pretty great.

The treatment rooms themselves were just as varied. Most were quite small and went from warm soothing spa atmosphere to slick and medical looking. My favorite space was spacious and bright with a skylight and plants. I find that as RMT's we're trained to think beyond the relaxation element -emphasis is put on the clinical aspect of the profession- working in rehab, disease management, injury prevention and such. However relaxation is a huge part of healing and shouldn't be downplayed. I love the idea of having a clinical practice in a spa atmosphere.

So just for fun, here is an extensive collection of my fantasy treatment rooms, gathered from the internet. Sigh...someday!

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Monica said...

those are the most beautiful massage rooms ive ever seen! My favourite is the last pne- NOT becasue there is a guy in it, but becasue of the spiralling iron thing overhead- AMAZING! oh man, we got some serious manifestation rituals to perform sister!!!