Monday, April 25, 2011

Casino Carnivale

Monique and I performed at a great event at the Casino last week, Casino Carnivale. All week they had entertainment and special promotions. On April 16th and 17th a group of circus performers were brought in from all over the city and abroad to perform on and off for the evening. I had an awesome time meeting so many fascinating people! In bellydance land, I rarely have the chance to work with performers from different disciplines, so it was a thrill for me! So much damn talent in one room. I even got a private juggling lesson!

Monique and I (Monique's Blog here)

Caitlan and Monique (Caitlan's Blog here)

Caitlan and I, practicing my cirque skills!

Just chillin'.

Caitlan stretching

Monique before performing

Caitlan in the lobby stage


Alice said...

i hope you re standing above her knees, not directly on them, :/

Laura said...

Definitely! Caitlan has very long legs. :)

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