Friday, May 18, 2007


Since losing my retail paying-the-bills job last week, I've decided not to panic (as per my original plan) and do what I came to Toronto to do. Dance!

I'm putting all my energy into getting shows, promoting myself (shamelessly, of course) and trying to do more teaching. It's funny -since I made the decision to really go headfirst into dance work, I've been getting more and more emails and calls from potential clients. I've already got 6 shows booked, and that's just for May! Teaching at Aradia Fitness is going great, and I'm also subbing a lot more at the 'besque and hoping to be teaching my own classes there this summer. I'm presently teaching the Kids Class on a fairly regular's a blast! Their attention span is as short as mine so we have a great time.

Today Samara and Lopa and I rehearsed for Besharam, where we're doing a Bolly/Belly/Burlesque number this Sunday. It should be a lot of fun, I haven't done burlesque in ages! (miss you, Halifax ladies!)

So as part of my shameless self promoting, I've made fancy new business cards and updated my website. I'm going with a purple theme because it matches my new pics, and plus, it's pretty much all I wear. What'cha think?


Oh yeah, I'm using my great grandmother's last name has a nicer ring to it, protects my privacy and announces my Italian-ness proudly to the world! It's pronounced see-LEHN-zee. I'm discovering now that people tend to pronounce it wrong 95% of the time. Here I come, awkward introductions!

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Emilia said...

Laura, your blog is a riot! It has a lot of personality like "promoting myself shamelessly". LOL!

I am glad to hear that you are not missing LLL and that you are hitting the dance industry head on! Way to go! I will surely find my way to one of your shows! My challenge is my 9:30 pm bedtime as I have a strict morning gym regimen but the desire is there. I got to see one of your shows! Take it easy!